Our History

In 1971 a group of interested citizens, including Edythe L. Dyer, founded the Hampden Regional Library. The public library was located in the high school library where it remained with the hope that a building of its own would someday be available.

That hope became a reality in 1983 when Mrs. Edythe Dyer moved to Mount Desert Island and gave her two year old Hampden home to the residents of Hampden to be used as a public library.

Storytime children made cards for Mrs. Dyer at most holidays and she had just received her 1995 Valentine’s Day card shortly before she died from injuries sustained in a car accident on February 22nd.

The Library is actually named not for Mrs. Dyer, but for her granddaughter Edythe L. Dyer.  Both Edythes have been great supporters of libraries regardless of where they live.