Edythe Dyer Library

Free Tickets!

Tickets paid for by the Friends of Edythe Dyer Library from books sold in the Bookshop.

Our patrons can get up to four free tickets to selected Penobscot Theatre Company shows:

  • Clarkston: “Two young men toil away in the stockroom of a big box store, stocking shelves, making jokes, and complaining about management. They cling to the hope of a beautiful future while navigating a deeply uncertain present.”
  • Matt & Ben: “These Hollywood golden boys (played by two women) have to explore their shared past, their darkest ambitions and brightest dreams to get to the heart of why Good Will Hunting fell into their laps.”
  • Trapped: A Lobstering Musical: “Welcome to Crusty Isle where the lobster are plentiful, women are rugged, and the coast is gorgeous.”
  • Queen: “A dramatic comedy about friendship, love, truth, and data. Sanam and Ariel are on a mission to save the bees and the world.”
  • Ironbound: “Ironbound navigates the complicated terrain of one young immigrant’s experience with heartbreak, humor and hope.”


Visit their website to find out more about their 2022-2023 season.  Stop in or call us at 862-3550 for more information on how to sign up for our free tickets.

The Children’s Museum is open to the public! And our patrons can get FREE day passes!

We can give out one pass per day that is good for up to four people. Stop in at the library to pick up your day pass. Reservations are required.